Local cafes, takeaways & restaurants

Indulge & experience a range of culinary delights

Wallsend Executive Apartments is an easy walk to cafes, restaurants and pubs with an array of fast-food & takeaway options as well. Whether you are heading to Wallsend Diggers for a Sunday evening roast dinner or out for lunch with friends at the Lemon Grove Hotel you will be delighted with delicious food and excellent service.

We’ve selected a variety of options including our personal favourites for you to try while staying in Wallsend. Those vary depending on what you want starting with: takeaway and fast-food options, to dining in at Thai, Vietnamese or Italian restaurants. You will also find bar options, and coffee shop locations for your caffeine intake or simply finding a nice spot to finish-up some work you have. We have got it all here at Wallsend, enjoy!

vintage themed restaurant at newcastle

Grab a quick bite to eat or takeaway

Open 24hrs including classic McDonalds and McCafe with ample seating and takeaway.

Delicious pizzas and available for pickup or delivery, open late 7 days a week.

Great for groups, share different dumpling options across the table. 

Authentic Thai food made with traditional recipes developed by highly acclaimed chefs.

Experience the real authentic Vietnamese food & culture here at Legend Vietnamese.

Enjoy a variety of fresh and tasty seafood during your visit to Newcastle.

Restaurants and bars for food, entertainment and fun

Bars, bistro, restaurant, mexican and more delicious food plus a great kids playground.

Warm friendly atmosphere, icy cold beer, and happy smiling service. Kids catered for.

Individually selected craft beers and amazing pub food for the whole family to enjoy.

Coffee shops and authentic cafes

What’s oil has to do with coffee? That’s simply the gas people need for energy!

Visit Cafe Cino to grab your daily dose of caffeine with a quick snack. 

Friendly staff, variety of cakes and perfect coffee. Make sure to stop by Michel’s!

Treat yourself to coffee, lunch or dinner

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